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FCUM Pub Guide for York City fans

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We were previously contacted by Nick Duckett of the FC United of Manchester Matchday Forum, who is generously offering a pub guide for visiting supporters on Tuesday.

“Just a quick welcome to York City on your first visit to our ground,” Nick writes. “Your SLO very kindly provided us with a pub guide to York back in August, so we have made a thread on here.

“If anyone wants to ask any questions, exchange views or just generally chat about your club and our club, away fans are welcome to join the forum. Just put in a new guest username and you’re off. There is no need to register as a club member.”

PUB GUIDE for York City fans

You have two choices of exit from Piccadilly station. 1. Exit via the back entrance down the escalator past the metro and opposite side of the road is the Bulls Head. A Marstons house with regular guest ales, Jennings Cumberland, a very good Bulls Gold IPA and two more from approx six brewers. It’s a good old-fashioned pub and close to the taxi rank. 2. Exit via the front entrance and you have the Piccadilly Tap. A modern take on a tavern fitted out over two floors with a vast array of beers. Busy but not cheap, worth a visit though simply for the vast choice.

At the bottom of the station approach, cross the lights with the Malmaison hotel on your left you have Gore Street home to the Waldorf. Recently had a refit and always at least two guest beers on. Back on the main road on the opposite side of the road at the lights you have the Piccadilly Tavern and further on the Wetherspoons. Both virtually identical in beers, pricing and food. Nuff said. Door staff will be on both on matchdays.

Carry on past the ‘Spoons to the lights at Morrisons supermarket junction of Oldham Street, turn right on to Oldham Street. The best on here are the triumvirate of the Castle, The Ancoats Lad and Gullivers. All halfway up the street through the lights. The Castle and Gullivers have a decent range of beers and are hipster friendly. The Ancoats Lad is tiny, quirky and welcoming with an eclectic soundtrack in the background. Phil Bell ( formerly of A. J. Bells jazz club) runs a great little pub. Always a good stout on and a very good American IPA on alongside various lagers both craft and keg.

Carry on to the lights at the top of Oldham Street and you have the Crown and Kettle, a pub listed as of historic interest, selling a vast variety of ales of all hues. You know the score, exposed floorboards, mix n matched furniture and studenty bar staff. To the left over the lights is Bar Fringe. Another quirky real ale gaff with plenty of choice of ale and foreign lagers etc. Beware some very strong beers in here. Opposite almost is the Smithfield, a more recent addition to this area`s real ale emporiums. Owned by Blackjack brewery, it has all their range of beers in rotation and more.

Turn back to the lights go left and you can get a 182 or 181 bus to the ground which stops directly outside the ground. Alternatively a cab would be approx £8. These buses pass the Metro stop Newton Heath/ Moston, this is near the Railway, a Holts house. A decent local boozer and you can alight here and get a free shuttle to the ground if you wish. At the ground you have a real Ale bar under the main stand. Above the main stand you have the main Stand bar with two ales on every match. On the terraces you have two mobile bars. Under the SMRE terrace behind the goal you have another bar serving various beers and lagers and a bottle bar.

Enjoy your visit to FCUM.

Link: FCUM Matchday Forum

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