Date: 22nd January 2018 at 7:04pm
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Chairman Jason McGill has warned that York City Football Club will fold without a further £1m cash injection – and that he is very close to walking away from it.

That’s the figure required to take it forward and into the long-delayed new community stadium, which is finally due to open in time for the start of the 2019-20 season.

McGill has promised to fund £750,000 of the required amount himself, but wants the York City Supporters’ Trust, as 25% shareholders of the club, to cover the remainder.

Should it not be in a position to do that, he would be prepared match the shortfall, but only if the Trust relinquishes its quarter-ownership of the football club to himself.

“I think the time for talking’s over,” McGill told BBC Radio York. “I’ve had enough of it with them, to be fair. It’s gone on since May 2016. I went publicly to say that over £1m is going to be needed. I’ve been funding the football club since 2006 and should have been out since 2011.

“Through no fault of anybody’s the stadium has been late in completion. I said I would keep the football club going until 2016 and that’s where I drew the line in the sand.

“It was made clear to them that over £1m was going to be needed,” he continued. “I’ve offered to put up £750,000 as 75% shareholder and expected them to attempt to put in £250,000, which I think is the correct and proper thing to do. And if they couldn’t raise that money, I said that I would put in that amount.

“If they want to put in £250,000, that’s fine and keep your shares. But I don’t think it’s correct and proper if somebody keeping the football club going is prepared to continue into delivery of the new stadium … I’ve given them the way to save the football club. If they don’t want to take that, that’s entirely up to them.”

And McGill, who was responding to earlier comments made by Supporters’ Trust chairman John Lacy, went on to issue a stark warning: “If the club don’t get the £1m it will go out of business, and I don’t understand why people think I should just keep going. My tenure was five years until 2011, and I’ve still kept on going and done my bit without any support.

“I’m very close to walking away,” he revealed. “If somebody doesn’t think that the correct and proper thing is to hand over the shares because somebody is funding it, then I might as well just pack it in.

“I’ve said from day one I don’t want to fight with the supporters. If the supporters don’t want me, that’s fair enough and I will go.”

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