Date: 2nd October 2017 at 6:52pm
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York City CEO Jackie McNamara says results from not only this season but also last prompted the dismissal of manager Gary Mills and his assistant Darren Caskey after less than a year in charge.

That pair have since been replaced by former Darlington boss Martin Gray and new sporting director and one-time Doncaster Rovers. Darlington, Oldham Athletic and Bristol Rovers chief Dave Penney

“The results [haven’t been good enough], not just from the start of this season but from last year,” McNamara told BBC Radio York. “Obviously disappointment last week in the local game against Harrogate. Then Saturday [South Shields] was again disappointing. So it’s not been a quick knee-jerk reaction. We just feel the best possible chance to get promotion was to change it now.

“I think we made the right decision and the two appointments we’ve made are a great addition,” he continued. “My job since I’ve come into this is to do the best for the football club and try and make it better. For the chairman, in his absence with his work that’s put so much money in to cover it all.

“Since that I’ve had no interference with signings or players coming in or out. My job is to look behind the scenes and try and improve things. As of today we’ve got four pro-licence holders, which is important for the club that the medical side has changed.

“Commercial has changed, so I’m looking at all aspects of the club to improve it – and everything’s in place to be a Football League club. Obviously the new stadium which will hopefully be starting very soon. So everything’s there.

“Martin [Gray] spoke very well about his ambitions. And when you look at his CV and what he’s done, he’s got a hunger and I think it’s the right time for him to go full-time. He’s done very well the last number of years.

“From Dave’s [Penney] role, who’ll be assisting him. People may look at it and think what’s he going to do? But he’ll be looking at all aspects of the club. Recruitment as we know has been the most important thing over the last number of years. [So] the right recruitment coming in and the scouting network, to oversee that.

“As chief executive I have to make sure these things are in place and Dave’s appointment covers that, along with Martin coming in,” McNamara added. “It’s exciting and a big change but we have to look forward now; [we’re] disappointed with the way things have gone and it’s obviously not what we wanted. We wanted to bounce back straight away and hit the ground running with the amount of players that we’ve kept on. But also the money that’s been spent to do that.

“The chairman told him [Gary Mills – of the decision] on Saturday night after the game and he took it well. I think he was really expecting it with the result on Saturday and he’s been fine. He’ll come in and I’ll speak to him and go through a few bits-and-bobs with him over the next few days.

“I had a good relationship with Gary. Absolutely no problems and I didn’t interfere with anything. Any players brought in were his decision. Any players he didn’t want, I did my best to get out. Every player he’s asked for he’s got in – there’s a few he didn’t want still there but he’s involved them in the squad.

“We had to change it and the chairman felt it was the right time to do it. From what’s gone on last year we could have changed it in the summer, possibly, with not staying in the [National] league. He’s given Gary a chance this season, but I think Gary said judge me after ten games and the chairman’s given him twelve.”

Meanwhile, McNamara has once again insisted to supporters that he has absolutely no insider involvement or financial ties within the club other than the CEO role he currently performs.

“There’s a lot of interest in what I do and whether I’m involved with that,” he admitted. “I can tell you I haven’t bought a house [in the area]. Yes my wife and kids have moved into school and we’re renting just now. It’s short-term and we’ll see what happens.

“I’ve not invested in the [football] club. I’ve not done anything else, and my brother’s not buying the club. So my role is simple. I’ve got no input apart from trying to do my best for the chairman and the football club.”

Audio Link: BBC Radio York