Date: 22nd February 2018 at 8:56pm
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Almost three decades since writing the song ‘Keith Walwyn’, its composer has been revealed as still a loyal season-ticket holder of York City.

Paul Butler was a member of the Rugged Aardvarks, a local skiffle group busking around York back in the early nineties, along with fellow musicians Torgil Benigh, Simon Guppy and Tim Newton.

Particularly a fan of City’s iconic and much-loved centre-forward Walwyn, who scored 140 goals in 291 appearances during six years of outstanding service at Bootham Crescent, he was to pay special tribute to his hero by way of a musical composition in his honour.

“I was a Rugged Aardvark and wrote ‘Keith Walwyn’,” Butler told us. “Twenty-eight years later, I’m still a York City season-ticket holder, for my sins! Keith was, is, and always will be my favourite footballer.”

However, despite his work most importantly receiving the golden approval of the great man himself, Paul admits to actually having a couple of minor issues with regard to its lyrical content.

“Back in the day, I sent Keith a copy of the song; he told me he liked it,” he continued. “I always regretted including the line about him being ‘technically weak’; I think I just needed a rhyme for ‘peak’. Also, I got the round of the FA Cup wrong in the song.”

Meanwhile, the story of his composition also discovers a rather confusing ending, according to its creator, when believing he was the subject of a prank amongst colleagues.

“Years later some friends of mine met Keith and rang me whilst they were with him,” Paul explains. “Unfortunately, I thought it was a wind up and, thinking that I was speaking to a mate who was pretending to be Keith, I was extremely rude to him!

“Nevertheless the song brings many happy memories back – and gave my kids a chuckle!”

Video Link: Rugged Aardvark Fan