Date: 29th December 2016 at 12:50pm
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The answers from our recent quiz featuring multiple County Cup winners York City Ladies.

The answers from our recent quiz featuring multiple County Cup winners York City Ladies.

1. In which year were York City Ladies founded?


2. City Ladies scored eight goals without reply in their opening game of the season, a League Cup first round tie, but who were their opponents?

Harrogate Railway

3. What is the name of York City Ladies Reserves’ new regular goalkeeper?

Leigh Bamford

4. Popular winger Jazz Whitwell (below) joined which WPL club over the summer?

Hull City

Photo: Ian Parker

5. Which team did City defeat to win their first County Cup in 2006?

Sheriff Hutton

6. Manager Dale Holt left his role earlier this season and joined which club?


7. Who scored the Minsterbelles’ first league goal of the campaign?

Megan Bramham (below)

Photo: Ian Parker

8. Which player scored in both League Cup ties this season?

Ellie Regan

9. How many goals have York City Ladies Reserves scored in their sixteen games so far this season?

(a) 42 (b) 49 (c) 63 (d) 74

(d) 74

10. Which player scored her first goal for the club in the 9-1 victory against East Yorkshire Carnegie in September?

Sophie Simpson (below)

Photo: Ian Parker

11. York City Ladies Reserves also had a change in management in October following the departure of whom?

Luke Templeman

12. At which venue did the Minsterbelles claim a record sixth County Cup in April?


13. That same month City scored ten goals during the second-half of a sensational midweek 14-0 victory when visiting which club?


14. Which player has scored four goals in a game on three separate occasions for York City Ladies Reserves this season?

Ellie Randall (below)

Photo: Ian Parker

15. Can you name the Belles’ first-teamers hidden in the following anagrams?

(a) Hah Mr Taro (b) Herbal Rainy Hen (c) Croaked Instantly (d) Terrible When Nun (e) Dry The Ooze (f) Asked Hay Vigil (g) Bad Coca News (h) Lynch Dull Lie (i) Fears Warren (j) Neatly Botch

(a) Martha Ohr (b) Hannah Brierley (c) Kaithlyn Doncaster (d) Helen Winterburn (e) Zoe Doherty (f) Kayleigh Davis (g) Becca Dawson (h) Lucy Lendhill (i) Sara Renfrew (j) Beth Clayton