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So how many did you score in the seasonal edition of the quiz challenging your knowledge and recollection powers about York City?

So how many did you score in the seasonal edition of the quiz challenging your knowledge and recollection powers about York City?

1. From which club did York sign Keith Houchen in March 1984?


2. Which player was named as Clubman of the Year for both the 1998-99 and 1999-2000 seasons?

Barry Jones

3. York City famously defeated Crewe Alexandra on penalties in the 1993 Third Division Play-off final at Wembley. But who were the two losing semi-finalists?

Bury and Walsall

4. Which City player scored in the opening three away games this season?

Sean Newton

5. City beat Everton in the League Cup in September 1996, but which non-league club later knocked them out of the FA Cup?

Hednesford Town

6. Who were the visitors when City played their 1,000 Football League game at Bootham Crescent in February 1984?

(a) Darlington (b) Hartlepool United (c) Doncaster Rovers


7. During the 1975-76 season City defeated the eventual FA Cup winners in a league game. Which club?


8. Which legendary goalscorer’s actual first name was Kenford?

Keith Walwyn

9. Which future City manager was on the losing side against them in an FA Cup quarter-final tie in March 1955?

Tom Johnston

10. During season 1966-67, City played a total of five cup ties against which club?


11. Who were York’s victims when winning their first ever second-tier league game in August 1974?

Cardiff City

12. Which club did Emmanuel Panther join after being released by York in May 2008?

Exeter City

13. Ricardo Gabbiadini – younger brother of Marco – made a single substitute appearance for the club in January 1988. But who were their opponents?

(a) Blackpool (b) Wigan Athletic (c) Preston North End

Preston North End

14. True or False? – Decide whether the following statements are true or false.

(a) Phil Boyer scored more goals for City than Ted MacDougall in the late sixties/early seventies.

(b) Jon McCarthy and Tony Canham made their final appearances for the club in the same game.

(c) John Byrne outscored Keith Walwyn during the record-breaking 1983-84 ‘Centurions’ title-winning campaign

(d) Chris Brass was born in Ashington, the club York replaced in the Football League in 1929?

(e) In season 1971-72, City’s back-four of John Mackin, Barry Swallow, Chris Topping and Phil Burrows started all 53 of their games?

(a) False – Boyer 34, MacDougall 40; (b) True – Peterborough United (A) May 1995 (c) True – Byrne 28, Walwyn 25; (d) False. He was born in Easington (e) True

15. Which ‘Happy Wanderers’ great was signed from Wombwell for £100 in May 1947?

Sid Storey

16. Nineties favourite Graeme Murty was born in which Yorkshire seaside town?

(a) Scarborough (b) Bridlington (c) Saltburn


17. Which club did Gary Ford move to in June 1987?

Leicester City

18. Which former manager had the most number of games in charge of York City?

Tom Lockie (376)

19. Can you complete these famous starting line-ups?

(a) v Crewe Alexandra, Wembley (Play-off Final) D 1-1 (W 5-3 pens) – May 1993
Kiely, McMillan, Hall, Pepper, **********, Atkin, McCarthy, **********, Barnes, Swann, Canham

(b) v Aston Villa, Bootham Crescent (Division Two) D 1-1 – August 1974
Crawford, Stone, ******, Holmes, Swallow, Topping, Lyons, ****, Seal, Jones, Butler

(c) v Newcastle United, Hillsborough (FA Cup Semi-Final) D 1-1 – March 1955
Forgan, Phillips, Howe, *****, Stewart, Spence, Hughes, Bottom, Wilkinson, *****, Fenton

(d) v Manchester United, Old Trafford (League Cup Second Round) W 3-0 – September 1995
Kiely, McMillan, Hall, Pepper, Tutill, Barras, Murty, ********, Barnes, ********, Jordan

(e) v Arsenal, Bootham Crescent (FA Cup Fourth Round) W 1-0 – January 1985
Astbury, Senior, Hay, Sbragia, MacPhail, Haslegrave, Ford, *****, Walwyn, Houchen, *****

(f) v Luton Town, Wembley (Play-off Final) W 2-1 – May 2012
Ingham, Challinor, Smith, ****, ******, Parslow, Oyebanjo, Meredith, Blair, Walker, Chambers

(a) Stancliffe, Blackstone; (b) Oliver, Cave; (c) Brown, McNab; (d) Williams, Peverell; (e) Butler, Pearce; (f) Doig, Gibson

20. This nonsensical passage actually has fifteen former City player surnames hidden within it. But can you find them all?

Ebenezer Good (Never A Shayman!)

Ebenezer Scrooge was eating ham for dinner, to the sound of organ music, while a chocolate bar nestled in close alignment. He decided to lean over and allow himself a little alcohol. Messages of goodwill were again non-existent for an individual who oddly enough could never show examples himself. For he would not be the first one to weaken – a typical schoolboy error. A single-lit candle was only on show (for he really had no more idea than that!), so instead moved on to eat king-sized chocolate pieces while searching for a prized York City FC shirt to wear: “Bah humbug! The home red I think,” he declared.

Ingham, Ford, Forgan, Barnes, Seal, Randall, Holmes, Hood, Howe, Stone, Boyer, Lyons, Reid, Atkin, Meredith

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