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York City Supporters’ Trust chairman John Lacy steps down

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York City Supporters’ Trust chairman John Lacy has stepped down from the board after eighteen months in the role.

The decision was taken in April but has been delayed in order to achieve a smooth transition.

He’s replaced in the position by lifelong York City supporter, Trust founder member and one-time football club director Mike Brown.

“The past 18 months have been a challenging and often frustrating time for both the Supporters’ Trust and the football club,” the outgoing Lacy admitted to The Trust’s official website. “However, in recent months there has been a strong and positive resurgence for the Trust in its vital role as guardians of the club.

“As a fan of nearly 70 years, I’m proud to have served the club’s supporters as Trust chairman and will look back on this time with great fondness,” he added. “I would like to thank the Trust board and members for the fantastic support they have given me during this time.”

His successor Brown brings more than twenty years of business experience and is himself an award-winning digital marketing consultant, and has already outlined the minor 25% shareholding group’s priorities for the next twelve months:

  • Building bridges with the club board to help meet our common goals.
  • Working with fans, professional bodies and experts to deliver a clear vision and plan for
    the football club’s future.
  • Ensuring that the Trust meets its contractual obligations as we transition into the new
  • Increasing Trust engagement in the local community through improved communications, events
    and outreach.
  • Building a contingency fund through a comprehensive marketing and fundraising plan.

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